Friday Nights

Flags and Friday Nights

May character be the order of the day; on this and all the World's fields.

Since its dedication on September 2, 2011, members, and veteran guests of Chagrin Falls VFW Post 12067 (CFVFW) have arrived on the Chagrin Falls Schools football field to raise our great flag at every home game.

Beginning this fall (2024), we will formally kick off our new Student Color Guard Leader opportunity. All students who live in the Chagrin Falls Schools district (private and home school included) may request to be a CFVFW Student Color Guard Leader.

There are very few games each year, so the process begins with the students' respective school counselor. Home school children’s parents may act in the ‘counselors” capacity.

Ethan Aaron Augusta 101323
Bill 2023
John and Aaron
CFVFW Flagpole plaque

October 20, 2023: Student Color Guard Leader, Chagrin Falls Schools Freshman Aleena Aniev raises our flag in honor of service personnel and first responders during the playing of our national anthem.

101323 Augusta Aaron and Ethan

On February 23, 1945, eighteen-year-old Marine Aaron Fox witnessed the raising of our flag on Iwo Jima. On September 2, 2011, Mr. Fox raised the first flag on the CFVFW Flagpole. On October 13, 2023, Mr. Fox passed our great flag to future generations. Student Color Guard Leaders Hawken Senior, Augusta Halle and Chagrin Falls Schools Sophomore, Ethan Nelson respectfully accepted.

In picture - Mr. Fox accompanied by CFVFW members Bill Oneill and Brian Morrison.


September 22, 2023: Chagrin Falls Schools Sixth grade student and first official CFVFW Student Color Guard Leader Kenny Kang is presented with a Post challenge coin after having had the honor of raising our great flag at Homecoming 2023.

CFVFW Student Flag Raising 082523 (002)

The idea for the student leadership role came from the night of August 25, 2023.

Led by Chagrin Falls Schools sixth-grader Dane Lyle, the impromptu color guard for the flag-raising Aug. 25 at Chagrin Falls High School football game included (from left): Daria Kuzmenko, Olivia Horvath, Ivy Levey, Ava Horvath, Katie Sirianni, Gabrielle Byrne, Dominic Giordano, and Brody Schron.

Flags and Friday Nights October 13 2023 field
Robbie 082523
CFVFW Flafpole Chagrin Falls Schools 2
CFVFW originals 101323